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Like any business, Thousand calls per Week had goals and the biggest of them was to be called Thousand calls per Day. They chose phone calls as the measure of success because phones were a more intimate channel than a chat window or an e-mail. More calls meant more conversations and that lead to better revenues. However, they were helpless as their phone systems could not keep up with their growth.The CEO observed that big organizations were effectively managing their inbound calls and requested Fresh caller to help them scale seamlessly. 

With sticky agent feature, callers can connect to the same agent they earlier had a conversation with. This feature provides quick and quality query resolution to customers. Integrating your IVR system with CRM facilitates an error-free and smooth customer experience.

IVR system allows you to provide assistance to your customers 24*7. It also enables you to deliver a fast and rich customer experience by catering to variety of business in a speedy and efficient way.

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